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Even a highly qualified firm looks bad if it doesn’t provide descriptive literature, or if what is available is poorly written. Whether you need a profile of your president for the company newsletter or sales descriptions to catch the eye of potential buyers, To the Letter provides affordable project-based writing for businesses of all kinds.

No matter how fine a piece of writing is at the start, it becomes better after review by a professional editor. Let Kathy at To the Letter look over your brochure, grant proposal, or direct mail piece. Her suggested edits will tighten your sentences and make your phrasing smoother and more expressive. Editorial work is the best possible investment you can make in your creation.

To the Letter  offers research  services to aid nonprofit groups in finding foundation prospects, companies seeking information on their own histories, and academics who have writing commitments but not enough time to visit all the necessary archives.

The company offers other text services as well.

Your company's reputation rests on its written materials. Brochures, proposals, or press releases that are ungrammatical, overlong, or filled with jargon or typographical errors make you less desirable in the eyes of prospective clients. Fortunately, it's possible to resolve this problem quickly and economically by contacting To the Letter Editorial and Research Services. This consultancy based in Cleveland, Ohio provides text services to publishers, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and businesses of all sizes throughout the United States.